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GTA Nepal Game Free Download Full Version For PC

GTA Nepal is a sandbox style action adventure video game developed by Nischal Creations and released for the PC (Personal Computers) consoles In Nepal. As the first game of the critically acclaimed series to appear on seventh generation consoles, GTA Nepal was widely anticipated.  It is also the highest rated current-generation game By NK's Team

This game concept was originally developed by Mr. Prajwol Gyawali in his blog GTA Nepal. He had written concept about the huge game.
And Next concept was made by Mr. Abhik Shrestha, the only professional GTA Modder of Nepal. He also told me to help in creating GTA Nepal.

Guys, be patient, it will be released soon by our team. I have taken most of the responsibility because the concept of creating this game was by me. Lets look at the modders:

  • Nischal Khanal
  • Bob David
  • Zazamahall
  • Abhik Shrestha
  • Prajwol Gyawali
  • Abishek Neupane
  • Sandesh Rimal
  • Tauseef Khan
  • Yaman Rishi
Without their efforts, I couldnt be able to create this huge game.
Guys, lets look at some pictures of the game;
Most of this game pictures are copied by different fake blogs. Just ignore them;

This Is Loading Screen With places Of Nepal

This is the Background.

This is The First Start Screen. 

Release Date

As I am too busy, I cant spend time in modifying games. So, I have considered a long time to release i.e After two years.
Its huge game and our team are trying our best to release it in short period. 
Release Date: 27th August, 2016
 Stay tuned Guys, and visit this blog time and again to know more about this game..
Nischal Khanal

Nischal Khanal

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  1. looking forward to the game what are the targeted features


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