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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Posted by ABISHEK NEUPANE at 8:54 AM 0 Comments
In today’s society, where technology and the Internet seem to dominate our daily lives, a new villain has entered our consciousness. The hacker is feared by many, but respected by few. Everyone seems to know who hackers are and what they do, but there is a major misconception about hackers that nobody seems to pick up on. Hacking itself has been around for decades, but it is only recently, with outbreaks of computer viruses and media attention that the general public has really looked at hacking as a genuine threat to their way of life. The media would have you believe that hackers are a major threat, but it turns out that most hackers are pretty harmless. But there is another breed of hacker, though, who is very dangerous indeed. It’s important to recognize the difference. Hackers are not crackers, and crackers are not hackers.

Monday, March 9, 2015

GTA India Game Free Download Full Version For PC

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 7:53 AM 0 Comments

GTA India Is A Sandbox Styled Action Adventure Game Modified By Mr.Spidy Vardhan and released for Personal Computers in Nepal. The game is highly modified into advanced form. Many things are added in the Game; From Indian Dressed Cops to Vehicles, everything is changed and modified there.
The game is given an Indian look. But this game is still a beta version. The author is trying it's best to make the full version of it and release it in a fixed date.
This Game Has Different Modified Things like Indian Buildings, Rajdhani Express, New Cops, Indian Peds and Much More. You will be impressed by playing this game. Try this game once and it won't make you feel bad.

System Requirements

  • RAM: 2 GB Or Higher
  • Hard Disk: 6 Gbytes Or Higher
  • Video Card: nVIDIA GeForce x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 @2.40 Ghz/ AMD Anthlon X2 
  • DirectX: DirectX 9.0 Or Higher
Note: This Game Is Only A Mod. It's not a full game. Just copy and paste the mod in the GTA San Andreas Root Directory.

Demo Video

See the video of the demo of game below;


Now, it's the time for downloading this game's huge mod

Regards, Nischal Khanal

Know About Hackers

Posted by ABISHEK NEUPANE at 7:23 AM 0 Comments
Hacking means breaking Computer networks or Severs. Hackers are most intelligent people who break into programs and develop the code. Let's have a look what the most famous hackers think about hacking: Hacking just means building something quickly or testing the boundaries of what can be done.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How To Redirect A Website To Another

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 7:33 AM 0 Comments
Hello guys, How are you all? It's Me Nischal Again and today I'm going to show to show you how to redirect a website to another. It's very important to do. We may have an old blog to which we game our best to create it and publish quality posts to it. If we donot have, we might have a blog which isn't much popular and sitting in halt position. We try our best to get more traffic in blogger. We won't leave any chance of getting more blog visitors. And our websites or blogs which are not in use can be useful to give more traffic to us. 
We can simply write a notice about it and redirect it into a new website/blog. Sounds good na, by this way we can get some free visitors also. 
So, let's make a blog redirect to another blog/website. 
Follow my simple steps to do it;

  • Go To Blogger Dasboard
  • Click On Template
  • Select Edit HTML
  • Search For This code; <head> using CTRL + F 
  • Just below it, paste the following codes;
<meta content='5;url=http://www.yoursite.com/' http-equiv='refresh'/>

  • Change 5 With  the time in seconds to redirect the website/blog
  • Change www.yoursite.com with your website/blog
  • You are Done!!!
Guys, we have now made a blog/website to redirect to another website/blog. If you guys have any problems regarding this, comment and I shall be helping you.

Happy Blogging!!! 

Free Facebook User-ID Finder Tool

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 7:09 AM 0 Comments
Hi guys, today I have brought you guys an amazing tool. It's called Facebook User-ID Finder which helps to find our facebook profile ID.
Facebook gives us all our profile link. For an example, our page has this link given by facebook;
Sometimes, we need to find our facebook id for doing something else. Facebook ID is a numeric number ID which helps to denote our profile. Many guys asked me this ID via gmail. Previously, I didn't have that. But now, I have this tool.
If you want to get your user ID or your friends user ID just fill in the username below and click on "Get My Facebook ID Code", a new page will open showing the user ID, first name, last name, gender.
It will show like this;

The Red Highlighted Number is your Facebook User ID. Now, You Are Ready To Use This Tool.
You Can use this tool below;

Facebook User-ID Finder Tool By Nischal Creations


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get traffic to your website from any referral site

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 11:15 PM 0 Comments
Guys, Again Back With My New Tutorial On Getting free traffic for any referral sites like reddit, digg and bla bla...
This Tutorial is short and very simple to understand. And It can be done in less time also. Its not so time consuming.
Just Follow my simple steps to enable it in your websites;

  • Open your website document in HTML Mode
  • Search For </head> using CTRL + F
  • Just above it, paste the following code
<script>    delete window.document.referrer;        window.document.__defineGetter__('referrer', function () {            return "https://www.yourreferral.com";        });</script>
  • Change  https://www.yourreferral.com with your desired referral site
  • Save the HTML 
  • Open our Site
  • Enjoy
And Thats it. You have now enabled referral sites in your website.

If you have any questions, comment and I shall help you !!!

How To Use Hitleap Premium For Free

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 10:48 PM 3 Comments
Guys, Im back with my new tutorial on using hitleap premium accounts for free. Sounds good na, But it really works. You will be imagining what the hell is hitleap. Dont worry, I will tell it to you guys.


HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange service, which automatically delivers free traffic to your website. It is kinda like bot which automatically opens website for long time. but the fact is that the website traffic will be automatically increased.

Get Hitleap premium for Free

Yeah, I was telling to provide you guys hitleap premium accounts absolutely free. For this, you just need to comment with your website name and I will reply to you giving premium URL. You just need to paste the URL in your hitleap account and enjoy autosurfing the websites and increase traffic.

If you couldnt comment, you can send me the email of your webiste at;
Enjoy Autosurfing with Hitleap premuim Account
Regards, Nischal Khanal

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution From Blogger

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 10:29 PM 0 Comments
Hello guys, It's Nischal Again and today i'm going to show you how to remove powered by blogger attribution permanently from your blog.
Before many moments, I had written a post on removing the footer credit links from blogger templates. You can read that post here.
Now, in this post, we will be discussing how to remove Powered By Blogger attribution from our blogger templates.
This attribution automatically comes if you upload a custom template for blogger and it looks too ugly. So, many bloggers are complaining this gadget to be removed.
I received a mail from an author about the way to remove the powered by blogger attribution. So, I shared this trick with you guys.
Follow my easy steps to get rid of this ugly gadget.

Steps to remove this attribution;

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Click On Template
  • Click On Edit HTML
  • Click Anywhere inside and Search For This Code using CTRL + F 
  • Now, just before it, add this code;
  • Save Your Template
  • You are Done
Now, you will completely get rid of that ugly attribution. If you guys have any problems, comment and I shall be helping you.
Happy Blogging!!!!

Add A Custom Permalink For Blogger Posts

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 8:38 PM 0 Comments
Hi guys, It's me again and today we will be discussing on changing the permalink of blogger. Blogger itself has different built in facilities. And Permalink is also one of the facilities of blogger. You will be imagining what is permalink. Don't worry, I will tell you.


Permalink, a short name of permanent link is the URL Of different webpages and websites.

In this tutorial, we will be changing permalink of blogger posts. We can change it with some easy and few steps.

Steps of changing Blogger Permalink;

  • Go o Blogger Dashboard
  • Create A New Post And Write Post Title At First
  • Write all the things that you need to write
  • Finally, navigate to post setting and click on permalink as in the below picture;

  • Click On Custom Permalink
  • Write A Unique URL that you like
  • Finally Publish The Post
  • You Are Done
Hurray, we have changed our blogger post permalink. If you guys have any problems related to this, comment and I shall help You. Stay tuned For New Blogger Tricks
Happy Blogging!!!

Remove Footer Credit Links From Blogger Templates

Posted by Nischal Khanal at 8:13 PM 0 Comments
Hello guys, I'm back again. I was busy somewhere else due to my studies so, I couldn't post for a long... Umm... Never Mind. Today, we will be discussing on removing credit links from blogger. 
Most of the default blogger templates looks ugly. So, most of us use custom blogger templates but there is a problem; the template creator writes their credit links in footer of blog. This makes us to be more rude. The blog is ours but the template creator writes their name in credits. 
So today, I will reveal you the ways to remove the footer credit links from blogger. 
You can see the picture of  our blogger footer credit below;

Now, Let's Remove this ugly credit links;

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
  • Click anywhere and Search For Designed By Using CTRL + F, If you can't find Designed By keyword, search For Template By Or similar word
  • You can see the following codes there;

  • Now, Just Before Designed By letter, copy and paste this code; <div style="visibility:hidden"> and at last, </div> after </a> like The Given Picture;

  • The Code should Be Like This;
<div style="visibility:hidden">Designed By--&gt;&gt;<a href='http://www.nischalkhanal.com.np' id='importantlinks'>Nischal Khanal And Blogger Templates Powered By --&gt;&gt;</a>-<a href='http:/bloggercruzer.blogspot.com/'>Blogger Cruzer</a></div>

  • Save The Template
  • You Are Done
If you have any queries then you can ask us via comments.

If you guys couldn't remove credits from any templates, you can send that template to;


And I will remove credit links from there and will provide the template to you guys!

Happy Blogging!!!

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