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Tired of those idiotic surveys you have to complete before you can get to your file or download….
Guys, Today I am going to reveal best tips to bypass online surveys and continue downloads
Well here are some ways to get past those irritating, time wasting unwanted scams and like that!!!….


surveybypass and howtobypasssurveys are two popular sites to remove or bypass surveys completely for free.They allow survey bypassing for all the major hosts like Sharecash, Fileice, Cleanfiles, Cash-file, Adwork media, File fire, File flare, Dengee and Uploadables.
Using surveybypass Site:
You just need to go to official website and there just paste the URL of the the page where you are getting the survey form and then just click on GO Button. It will now provide you with direct download link of the file which you want to download without asking for survey anymore.
bypass online surveys
Using howtobypasssurveys:
Unlike surveybypass site here in you need to manually download the survey bypasser tool on your PC which is just of 1MB. Here in the ENTER LINK box just paste the URL of the the page where you are getting the survey form. Then select your File Host and select the Directory where you want to save the downloaded file. Click on the Download Button.
bypass online surveys


Survey Killer is a free utility tool that lets you download or access the required content without filling up the surveys.You just need to put the URL in the Link Box and then Click on the Download File Button.That’s all and your file will be downloaded shortly.
PS: It works only on sharecash links….
Download Survey Killer App to Bypass Surveys Online:


You can also use Survey bypass extensions on Your Web browsers i.e Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.Here I am Providing you Bypass Surveys Extension for Google Chrome which gives you the Option to Block Surveys automatically whenever they are detected.It has been tested on several survey links and works fine but still there are cases when it fails in bypassing the Survey.
Only For Chrome – Install Bypass Surveys Extension
After trying out these methods….they’ll surely help you to get past those dumb surveys….
Widgets are the jwelleries of a blog. A blog without attractive widget is a monkey without a tail. You also might have added numerous widgets to make your blog attractive. So, by any reasons, if you are unable to remove the widgets in your blog, this method will be perfect for you guys. I will also post the ways to delete non deletable gadgets in forthcoming days.
So, It's very important to know the widget id since it helps us in many ways.

Follow my steps to find Widget ID and Section ID in your blog:

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Click On Layout 
  • Click on "edit" on your preffered widget. 

  • The Widget will pop-up. See the URL of the widget. Look at the picture for next steps:

  • You can See the two part highlighted by rectangle marks. The first one is section ID and the second one is the Widget ID
  • You Have found your widget's Widget and Section ID
In my upcoming posts, I'll post on different articles related to Widget ID ans Section ID. Till Then Goodbye friends.
Happy Blogging!!!
Regards, Nischal creations
Hello guys, Today I've brought an amazing tool from different websites for you guys which can generate your desired hex color codes.
Note: I didn't create any of these color code generators. They were created by different blog authors. Let's thank Them and begin our topic.
These set of tools allows users to choose and set their desired colors. Mainly there are 2 tools in this post. You can see them below:

  1. Color Wheel

See the tips of using it:
  • Simply paste the hex code without hash "#" sign and click on update
  • The matching colors will appear inside the 4 boxes of RHS
  • Then, copy the hex values and start using them according to your need!!!

   2. Color Code Generator

See the tips of using it below:

  • First, drag the bar on the "Hue" Selector to the area of your desired color palette
  • Then browse to your preffered color
  • Finally, paste the codes in your preffered HTML documents or blogs
That's it guys. Next time, I will bring more interesting tools like this.
If you enjoyed this tutorial, don't forget to share this post and wait until our new posts arrives.
Happy Blogging And HTML Editing!!!
Hi guys, Today, I've brought a tool called "HTML Encoder" which can encode special HTML codes which enables us to display codes in comments and posts. For an Example:
If you posted this code;
<a'>Free Full Softwares And Games</a>
it will show like this;
So, if you want to post the codes in Blogger, you must escape the special characters of HTML for which HTML encoder is built. It helps to encode special characters in single click.

How To Use It?

  • Paste your code in the below text area
  • Click On "Encode"
  • Copy the generated codes and paste in your desired posts

HTML Encoder By Nischal Creations

If you have any problems, comment and I shall help you
Regards, Nischal Creations
Blogger and Wordpress users are increasing in more numbers. They have made blogging full-time or
part-time job. Most of the bloggers succeeded whereas others were unable to succeed. So today, I'm going to give you the best tips to start a blog.

The tips to start a new blog for newbies:

  • Choose your preffered Blogging Platforms like Blogger And Wordpress. I recommend Blogger because it is easy to use!
  • Choose whether you want platform's Sub-domain or Paid Domain
  • Design Your Blog In Advanced and Attractive Way
  • Submit your blog to popular search engines like Google And Yahoo. It will help to make your blog popular
  • Publish quality posts with advanced features
  • Reply when others comment on your blog
  • Don't Copy other's Content
  • Select a good template
  •  Publish SEO Friendly Contents
  • Keep Sharing Buttons for Making visitors enable to share your posts if they liked
  • Don't Publish Vulgular or Adult Posts if you are not making an 18+ Blog
  • Say thanks to Your helpers who helped you in creating blog
  • Monetize Your Blog using Google AdSense To earn revenues
And that's It. If by some unfortunate chance you get stuck in any blogging problems feel free to ask me via Contact Form or you can directly comment below.
Happy Blogging!!
Blogger Users are increasing day by day. Some of them are advanced and are at peak of blogging whereas some are still beginners and are stuck in some problems. Every blogger have some problems. No one is king at blogging.
We may get some error while customizing our blogs, or doing anything else but we don''t know how to fix it, then what should we do? There are many experts of blogger which will help us via Blogger Product Forum.
Blogger Product Forum is a part of Google Product Forum and it solves our queries and problems. In this post, we will be learning How To Ask A Question To Blogger Product Forum

Steps to ask a question:

    • Then, Post Your Queries in the Box and select the categories of your Queries and explain your main matter in the main box below categories.
    • At last, click on POST on the top of Blogger Product Forum and wait for sometimes
    • After sometimes, your questions will be answered by Blogger Product Forum..
    You Can also ask your Queries to us via Contact Form. If You like to ask us questions, ask us anytime. We will answer your queries.
    Happy Blogging!!

    Blogger Users are increasing day by day. Since, it is a free web hosting site, many peoples includingGoogle And Yahoo and search " How to Be A Professional Blogger in Just Few Steps" and bla bla... .

    us are using it frequently. Many of the bloggers are beginners. They don't have specific knowledge about blogging. So, they go on searching in Different Search Engines Like 
     But, we can't easily be a Professional Blogger. To be a professional blogger or to Change from beginner to advanced Blogger, we must know the interior parts of the blogger. Blogger provides us different features.
    This Post is an excerpt of the post of my another blog Blogger Cruzer. If you want to see this, click here

    The parts of blogs are mainly composed of Five Parts. They Are:

    1. Header
    Header is the topmost part of the blog. When some visitors lands our blog, their eyes first picks header. So, we must be careful to make it more attractive. In my upcoming posts, i will write the ways to make our blogger header more attractive.

         2. Navigation Bar (Nav-Bar)

    Navigation bar is the part just below the blogger Header. It contains various tabs. Especially animated categories and pages are kept inside Nav-Bar to help user to jump from one post to another easily. As Mentioned earlier in header, I will write a post on customizing and making the blogger Nav-Bar Attractive in my upcoming posts.

        3. Post Area 
    Post Area Is the main part of blogger. It is the area where we can show our posted tutorials. To be an advanced blogger, we must customize the post areas. I will teach you to make our post areas attractive in my upcoming posts.

         4. Sidebar

    Sidebar is also an important part of our blog where we can put many widgets and gadgets. We can put there Popular Posts, About The Author, Follow Me, Categories And Much More. The most interesting thing is that blogger provides us the function to encode our own codes. I will teach you to make sidebars look cool in my upcoming posts. So, stay tuned.

       5. Footer
    Footer is the last part of blog where user can write about themselves, give credits to others and much more. We can put our widgets also there. I will teach you to make footer look attractive although many users don''t see it.

    Jar files and android files both are java based programs. Before arriving of android most of the people used to use jar programs. but now people use android devices in their daily life. But what happens to those people who uses android but have addicted to jar programs? for overcoming this problems there are many more jar emulator for android devices. But JBED is the best emulator for using jar programs on android devices.
    • JBED;
    JBED is an android program which emulates the jar programs and makes jar files run on android devices.
    • Use jar Programs with JBED
    1. Download JBED from here.
    2. Download '' from here and place it in 'system\lib' folder.
    3. Install JBED but donot run it.
    4. Restart the phone then Launch JBED application. 
    5. Press menu button and choose SD card.
    6. Select your .JAR/.JAD file that you want to install and run.
    7. Now install the chosen application through JBED.
    8. Now open the installed java application to run. .
    Now you are done !!! You can use your favorite jar files on your android.
    Regards, Nischal creations
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    One of the limitations of WhatsApp is that you can only use it on your phone. If you are not carrying your phone, you're stuck without WhatsApp. Well, not anymore.
    WhatsApp has rolled out WhatsApp Web that lets you use WhatsApp inside a desktop browser.  Here are instructions on how to setup WhatsApp Web. However, if you are unable to use WhatsApp Web for some reason, there's another way. Read on.
    Note that while this guide is for WhatsApp, you can run almost any Android app using this method. Just replace the apk file in step 5, with the apk of the Android app you want to run. Here's a good source to download apk files.
    1. You're going to need an Android emulator app to accomplish this. We've tried it with Bluestacks App Player and we recommend you to try it also. You'll also need a mobile phone to verify the WhatsApp account.
    2. Download Bluestacks App Player on your computer.
    3. Run the setup file to install it. During installation, Bluestacks will ask for App Store Access and App Notifications. You can uncheck both while installing.
    4. Wait for the installation to finish (it takes several minutes). During the final stages of installation, Bluestacks will run in full-screen mode. Tap the diagonal line icon on the top-right to run it in windowed mode. This makes the next few steps easy.
    5. Leave Bluestacks App Player running and go to your browser. Download the WhatsApp apk file.
    6. Double-click the WhatsApp.apk file that's saved on your PC. The app will automatically install itself in Bluestacks App Player.
    7. In Bluestacks, you'll see a grid of apps you've installed. Find and launch WhatsApp.
    8. Enter your phone number and click Verify.
    9. Now wait for 5 minutes as WhatsApp tries, and fails, to automatically verify using SMS.
    10. After 5 minutes, WhatsApp will offer you an option for voice verification. Click Call me.
    bluestacks_whatsapp_verification.jpg11. You'll get a phone call. Answer it and you'll hear the verification code being spoken in loop.
    12. Enter the verification in WhatsApp (running in Bluestacks) and you're good to go.
    13. None of your existing contacts will show up in WhatsApp if you use this method. You can still reply to any messages you receive.
    14. You can add contacts individually to WhatsApp by clicking on the three dots icon on the top-right>>Contacts. Click the contact icon on the top-right, next to search. These contacts will be saved locally and will not show up on other devices. You can then start sending messages to these contacts as well.
    15. Any groups you're a part of will also not show up on the PC. You will have to ask the group admin to add you to the group again.
    If you're hoping to use WhatsApp on both your PC and your phone at the same time, you are out of luck. One phone number can be associated with only one device at a time - your phone will stop receiving WhatsApp messages when you're using it on the desktop. Another limitation is that you can't switch between the two devices instantly. WhatsApp imposes a 20-minute delay between two verification attempts (this delay keeps increasing with each verification attempt on the same day), so keep that in mind when setting it up on any device.
    Regards, Nischal creations
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